Steven Harrap


'Subes', or Sound Cubes, is a sound toy that could be found in the home or educational environment. Subes uses a Lego like approach where the user joins together discrete modular cubes in series to produce an audible output.

Subes can only be joined together in particular ways both to produce any result at all and to not damage the Subes. To enforce correct connection the Subes have one or zero inputs and zero or more output plugs. Input plugs can not physically be attached to input plugs and neither can output plugs be attached to output plugs.

Each Sube has a purpose either to produce a sound or alter the signal given to it by another Sube. Altering the signal might mean that the Sube may turn itself on and off in a uniform manner thus making the Sube(s) attached (that do make sound) produce a beat.

This simple configuration would make buzzer one and two alternate quickly. Buzzer three would increase and decrease in a quick wave like patten. The repeater Sube will repeat what it hears while its button is pressed. If the wave Sube where placed between the alternator and buzzer one then a more unusual effect could be established.

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The following is a series of photos from the development of this prototype