Steven Harrap

Step Inside Gallery

Step Inside Gallery

An interactive art gallery simulation where you can step the paintings and experience an impression of what the works might look like if they were real places.

This was a team effort involving four people. These guys are incredible workers and I think we put together a really well polished piece.:

This project appeared in the "Rising Stars" feature of the August Issue of PC PowerPlay Magazine!!!

The project was the creatoin of an interactive environment using AutoDesk Maya and Quest3D. We decided that we wanted to explore the notion of what it would be like to walk into a painting in an art gallery. We selected two paintings (Van Goghs Bedroom and Eschers Stair Cases), modeled them in Maya and added interactive elements via Quest3D.

The result was impressive and the interactive is available for you to download here.

Our documentation is also available so that you can better understand what our intentions were.

The Quest3D file is also available here for those who really want to know how it all works.