Steven Harrap

Related Image Search Album

Risa: Related Image Search Album

Risa was created in response to a .NET project proposed by a unit in the Information Technology component of my Bachelor of Information Technology. The project stated that anything could be attempted as a long as the result displayed a reasonable level of sophistication.

Risa is a tool for creating albums of related images. The images on each page of an album can link to other, deeper, pages in the album to reveal related images. Risa stands for "Related Image Search Albums"

For example: Let us say that we have an album about Africa. We start out with general images of maps, animals, mountains, lions and other "African" things. If we decided we liked the lions we could select that image and attach a page to it. We give the page a search term, in this case 'lions' and complete the creation process. Now Risa and searches on Africa and lions and puts the images it finds into our new page. If we liked the image of the spotted lions we could join a page to that image with search term 'spotted' and Risa would search for 'Africa and lions and spotted'.

Risa uses every toy and feature of the .NET web interface architecture that I could lay my hands on: AJAX, web controls, repeaters, master pages etc. It also employs a multi-tiered approach to its design to separate display, logic and data access.

The project was published to a QUT server and (for as long the link lasts) you can try the system yourself at