Steven Harrap

Print Design

The following is a sample of pre-press work that I have produced during my career.

Promotional card for the Evisc web site

A promotional card was required by the promoters of the evisc web site (see web site design). This would be given to suppliers and potential customers.

Business card for the pop3 team

A business card was required for the members of the pop3 team. The design emphasizes the circular shape of the logo.

Business card for Diggy Internet Services.

The cartoon character formed a major part of 'Diggy' branding. The business card was required to supply contact information while enforcing the character branding.

Trade show book cover and folder

A front and back cover design was required for an information technology conference. The conference is held annually and attracts a large number of local I.T. companies. A folder was required for the information technology conference. The folder was used to hold information sheets that were being handed out at the exhibition. The visual design of the folder had to emphasize the "Diggy" branding.