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The greatest story ever told: yours

In the final unit for my time at Malmo University Sweden I was placed in a group with 8 other people. Over 4 days we were to produce a concept and prototype of a system that describes how we (the human race) might use moving images in the years to come. The brief was very wide and we came up with a reply that produced a lot interest on the presentation day. I'll let the following descriptive text do the rest.

Martin Briere was born in Santa Monica, United States 1932. His father John, a US marine, was killed at the Day of Days, 6th of June 1944. Now, in the year of 2017, Martin is 85 years old, and his body is failing him. Martin wants his digital memory to be where his father died, and he logs on to to buy the co-ordinate of the location. Once the co-ordinate is bought, you have the rights to use the spot (depending on how bad you want the exclusive rights to the spot, the price will differ). Martin can customize the web page responding to the co-ordinate by uploading texts, images, videos and other kinds of digital material.

He can access the web page, and alter its contents from anywhere. But people who want to visit the page, and view all the things uploaded have to be at the geographical spot Martin has bought. For this you need a mobile device with a GPS-function and our special software used to access the different pages available.

The visitor of Martins spot will see, through our software, that "oh, there is a person having his memory here!", and then the visitor will be able to access the information Martin has put up on his site. Stuff about his life, about his family and all kinds of images, both moving and other sorts of information that could possible have been uploaded. When the visitor steps out of the particular co-ordinates responding radius (maybe five on ten meters) the information will not be available anymore.

Pretty neat eh! As a part of the presnetation of our concept we produced a movie and a very eye catching display.

And if I ever get my hands on the photos they would appear here.

To see the movie (flash) click here. For a ZIP of the presentation click here.

To download the presentation in a zipped PC executable flash format click here. To download the presentation in a zipped mac executalbe format click here.

These are the members of our group