Steven Harrap

Leadlight lamps

During 2012 I started practising lead light design at the Brisbane Institute of Art. I explore lead light lamp design and lead light window design. My first 2 projects concentrate on lead light lamp design.

The lamp with stem is a simple but effective design that most students get to practise. The lamp contains 9 large panes with narrow panes between each.

A tulip motif table box lamp with an opening door for access to put a candle inside. The pallet of glass is dark and light purple, green and clear opalescent. The four sides of the lamp each present a different pair of tulip designs.

A scene from a bambo forest in Japan depicting a stairway leading out of site. Approximately 80cm by 40cm this piece took about 10 months to complete. I find the three dimensional approach required for the box lamps (below) more appealing.

Hexagonal box lamp with each face slightly off angle to achieve a roughly cylindrical result. The piece uses heavely textured glass to dapple the light against surrounding walls. Voids at the top and bottom of the lamp produce wells of light on the resting surface and ceiling.

An art-deco approach that tries to emulate the architectural styling from the 1920s. Very satisfied with the result. The voids in the side faces produce distinct patterns on surrounding walls.

The art-deco lamp (and other lamps) were initially designed in an application called Sketchup from Sketchup allows me to explore how the lamp will look like from various angles and (hopefully) realise problems before I start cutting glass.

The second is a design of my own that uses a simple box design made of several panes. A sphere space is then extracted from the top and reveals the interior expressed as a geometric construction of triangles. A slit down the front tries to impress that, perhaps, the interior is hot and melting. I designed the lamp in Google Sketchup (an excellent 3D package).