Steven Harrap

Cerebral Palsy League

During 2010 I began employment at the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland. My primary duty was (and is) the web site . The web was hosted and controlled by an exterior organisation and my duty, initially, was to determine what resources would be needed to host the site in-house. Taking control of the web site required co-opperation with the marketing department as they would be determining the site tree, visual look-and-feel and handling content entry and general content management. The major requirements or steps in producing the web site where:

  • Working with the Marketing Department to determine their needs in relation to the site tree and the types of content they wanted present with in the web site. Content types included image galleries, news and event listings, state wide facility maps, information gathering forms, donation and e-commerce tools.
  • Working with the contracted graphic design organisation and the marketing department to produce templates that would eventually drive the content of the web site.
  • Determining how integration can occur between the web site and a client resource management (CRM) enterprise application called iMIS by Advanced Solutions International. This involved programmatic communication via the iMIS iBO.NET libraries.
  • Online tools for Human Resources to post employment opportunities.

The site is Microsoft .NET based and uses the content management system Sitefinity from Telerik to manage content, news, events and the intergration of e-commerce such as lottery ticket purchase and donations. The site was launched in January 2011.