Steven Harrap

CPL Intranet

As part of my employment at the Cerebral Palsy League I have implemented the CPL Intranet using Microsoft SharePoint 2007. The Intranet took approximately 6 months of training, implementation and ongoing development to achieve production environment readiness. I'm most proud of achieving the following for this project:

  • CPL branded master page templates deployed using SharePoint WSP. Via Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and a number SharePoint extensions I was able to produce branded master pages that can be applied or rolled back from the Intranet to allow future upgrades to take place.
  • CPL Controlled Documents Web Part. One of the main aims of the Intranet is to allow the Quality Assurance (QA) and Auditing department to publish documents to the Intranet. These documents can be read by all users but administered only by QA. The QA documents can be PDFs, Infopath forms, links or Microsoft documents. The documents are stored in uniform manner across many sites and the Controlled Document Web part presents them in a quickly accessible column format for the end user. The web part properties allow easy configuration and the web part can be easily removed without effect on the document libraries in question.
  • The league needed a centralised phone book of all its employees. Windows Active Directory only contained a sub set of employees and the only definitive resource is the Human Resources management software. A web part was needed that would present the the HR software employee data in a safe manner and allow it to be searched as well as organise the same data into a format that would be familiar to the end user. As part of the deployment a web part was created to serve this purpose and was, again, deployed using the WSP SharePoint method for safe deployment.
  • For development and debugging a virtual SharePoint server was created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and SharePoint extensions where created. The branded master page project, Controlled documents project and Phone book web part projects where created and tested here with build configurations that auto deployed the projects to the test SharePoint installation upon compilation.

All this SharePoint development came at many hours of research and training, 100s of Google searches and much blood, sweat, tears and bad language.